Brenda Louie

Chinese / American Artist

Book of Zero Series I


“Book of Zero Series I”

Nelson Art GalleryUniversity of California at Davis

Mixed Media Art Installation


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3 thoughts on “Book of Zero Series I

  1. Brenda, You are the foot print of the great march forward….You made your mark, many will compare their progress by you…..The bar has been set….high!
    Mahalo, john

    • Dear John, i finally found my way to my blog today, Jan. 5, 2014. Almost one year after your encouraging comment made here on my blog! Your words made my year of 2014 filled with hope. Thank you! I am a late bloomer, i will try hard to live up to your kind words. Have a wonderful 2014, a great year of good health and happiness and many more.

      you are wonderful!


    • Hello John,
      hope all is well. I haven’t checked any of the on-line accounts networking with friends and fellow artists. I hope this e-note find you enjoying good health and productive creativity.

      have a great Fall 2014.


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